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The Lord is Working in Me

I was born in Christchurch in 1971. My family began meeting with the church there in the early 1980s. Then in 1986 my family moved to Gold Coast, Australia. A big turning point in my Christian life came in 1987 when I went to Taiwan for four weeks during the gospel festival there. I really saw Christ living and operating in all the brothers and sisters and experienced Him living and operating in me also. It was during this time that I decided that after my education I would go to the full-time Training.

However, after moving to Brisbane to attend university, I met my wife and then started working after we were married, without completing my degree. My goal to attend the Full-Time Training was apparently forgotten. Then in 1998 I again went to Taiwan, this time to attend an International Conference. Again the Lord was working in me and reminded me again of my consecration to the Full-Time Training. Upon my return to Australia I grew increasingly restless at my employment until my wife and I eventually co-operated with the Lord and went to Hamilton to attend the full-Time Training in February 2000.

The many experiences in the training are continually helping me to grow in my Christian life. The support from the church in my locality enables me to continue. The prayers of the brothers and sisters are also a continual encouragement. I really appreciate being able to attend the training, because it means that I can be constituted with the truth, and be equipped to be a useful, functioning member of the Body of Christ. - P D

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